Stay up to date on all games in the Euro 2016

Lads, Lasses are you into football? You must be buzzing for Euro 2016 then!!

Here are just a few tips to keep up to date with the games and not miss any of them.

Never miss a match

It doesn’t matter whichever team you support whether its England, Germany, France, or Italy we all agree none of us want to miss their favorite team playing.

Always stay up to date with all the action by using this UEFA app to keep in touch and enjoy the euro 2016 in France :)

Watching the game with your colleagues

You’re probably going to be watching the games with your mates & buddies either from work or your friends outside the office. Find an easy way to arrange all meetings you have with them with FreeBusy identifying the location for the meetup and the time of the games and send an invite. All they have to do is accept which games they will be coming to watch and which they cannot make.

FreeBusy makes it easy to pick and know who’s coming to what game and who isn’t.

Wether you’re using Gmail, Outlook 365 or Hotmail.. we’ve got you covered here below is a small tutorial of how i scheduled watching the semi final’s between France and Germany with my mates using gmail.

Simply installed the freebusy Gmail plug-in and composed an email to be sent to my mates, the calendar below shows the times that we’re all free to meet.


Choosing the time to meet is done by just clicking on the time slots and writing down the location of the meet.


You just have to press that green button on the right that says”Insert Proposed times into email” and this is what you should see


All i need now is for my mates to accept the time i proposed and an email confirmation would be sent that a meeting is set, and we can get this game started with a nice cold pint.

Where to watch the game

We’ve got you covered here at FreeBusy. There are so many pubs & bars to go for in your city; pick the place you want for whatever game you want at MatchPint making it so easy choosing the right pub and the game you want