Simple way to grow your bussiness through Linkedln

If you publish content on LinkedIn, you know how valuable your audience is, especially if you are in consulting, freelancing, sales, or recruiting. Your articles are a great source of prospect customers and starting a conversation right away is so important to establishing a relationship. Chances are however, that you wasted many hours each month reaching out and trying to schedule a simple meeting with them.

The good news is that FreeBusy - an online scheduling assistant that makes it easy to coordinate meetings - now integrates with LinkedIn so your prospects can book a a meeting with you right from your article. Here’s how:

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How is this helpfull ?

1) Save hours on scheduling meetings every month

Coordinating meetings with people across multiple companies is a headache and causes a lot of time to be wasted. Different companies use different calendar systems and it’s often not possible to share availability with partners. FreeBusy makes it dead simple for people to schedule a meeting with you.

2) Auto-respond to meeting proposals

The typical way to schedule meetings requires that you manually respond to meeting proposals. Sometimes, that delays getting back to a potential customer and you’d rather automatically accept a meeting if it’s someone important to you and if it fits with your availability. FreeBusy is your scheduling assistant, so you can just delegate this task to it and it’ll make it happen.

3) Leave a buffer between meetings

Having back to back meetings is very irritating especially when you need time to travel from one meeting to another. People don’t usually consider that when scheduling meetings in your calendar so FreeBusy guards your schedule to make sure you have enough buffer between meetings to be prepared.

4) Control Your meeting availability

Personalize your availability based on time that suits you, allowing people to schedule meetings with you on day’s your actually available that works for you with the right time. With FreeBusy your availability is shown in your time zone, allowing time zone confusion between participants to stop streamlining meetings to increase productivity.