FreeBusy is the easiest way to share availability across calendars (for free).

When are you free?

When is someone else free?

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Eliminate the back-and-forth needed to find out when business partners or friends are available for a meeting.

Works with all calendars

FreeBusy is the scheduling feature that Microsoft, Google, and Apple should have built if they weren't so busy trying to lock you in their ecosystems. FreeBusy works with all calendar systems, whether personal or corporate, and across organizational boundaries.


Link multiple calendars

Some of us are calendar-happy and have one at work, one at home, and maybe one for PTA, soccer practice, etc. Once connected to FreeBusy all your calendars can be linked so we show a unified view of your free/busy time.


Privacy control

FreeBusy doesn't retrieve or show the details of your calendar events, just the fact that there's an event scheduled at a particular time. You can choose to share only certain days of the week or only certain times of the day.


Integrated with your apps

We are working with great developers to bring the free/busy information directly inside the apps you use daily like Gmail, Outlook, iPhone Mail, and more. Subscribe to our mailing list and we'll let you when these integrations go live. Learn more about using our API for Developers.


No sign-up necessary.
No username or password to remember.

Just Sign In with Your Calendar

Then add your FreeBusy link to your email signature and tell your contacts "Need to schedule a meeting? See when I'm available!"