7 Chrome extensions that make you more productive at work

1 FreeBusy is an online scheduling assistant


FreeBusy works as a scheduling assistant (PA) in by which it coordinates meetings 10x faster using web, smartphone, desktop, voice, chat and email. It has a chrome extension but it works on Safari, Firefox, Internet explorer and Edge.

It supports all email platforms from Gmail to Office 365, Outlook, Yahoo, Hotmail, Zimbra and many more. It has bot’s that work on slack & skype soon to be on the emailing platforms mentioned.

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2 MailTrack shows you when someone has read your message


MailTrack.io is a Chrome extension that lets you know both when your email was sent (with one check mark), and when it was opened (with two check marks). It can also tell you when someone has read your email, even if the email was sent to multiple recipients.

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3 Gmail offline lets you work in Gmail even when you have no internet connection

Gmail Offline

This does exactly what it states allows you to work in Gmail even when you have no internet connection its particular useful when you have a spotty connection and cannot afford to waste data tethering of your phone.

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4 Giphy brings marvels GIFs to your emails


Giphy has a Chrome extension that puts GIFs straight into your Gmail. After installing the extension, a little rainbow Giphy icon will pop up near your normal formatting icons. And this button will let you insert GIFs into your emails, adding some life into emails.

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5 SnapMail allows you to send encrypted messages that disappear in 60 seconds


SnapMail is a chrome extension, it works perfectly when you need to send short sensitive information like a password details or a sensitive message. After installing it you select the snapmail button and that will encrypt the text in your email. The content is gone after 60 seconds of the email being opened.

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6 Fullcontact shows you everything about someone that has emailed you


Fullcontact is a chrome extension that allows you to view all the social profiles of everyone emailing you (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram) It also allows you to check their tweets, Facebook updates and Instagram photos plus their job titles. The location, size and demographics of their organisation is also provided in detail.

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7 Ugly Email is a tool used to tell you which emails are being tracked before even opening them

Ugly Email

There are many email-tracking tools today, in which people are able to see if you have opened an email, what you click, and where you’re located. Ugly Email chrome extension fights these by showing you which emails are being tracked before even opening them by showing you that little eye symbol after installation.

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