Sign In With Your Calendar

When you Sign In With Your Calendar you authorize FreeBusy to access one or more online calendars that you own, whenever someone checks your availability. Depending on your calendar provider this authorization uses OAUTH or a password. If your calendar allows only password-based authorization, FreeBusy needs to save your password.

Calendar Provider Requires saving your password
Google CalendarNo
Google AppsNo
Office 365No
Microsoft ExchangeNo if signing up entire organization,
Yes if signing up individual accounts
Apple iCloudYes
Yahoo! MailYes

Rest assured that for calendars where we need to save the password we take extra precautions to encrypt your password and not make it directly accessible to FreeBusy staff. All data is encrypted both in transit and at rest using high-grade industry-standard security with the utmost care for your privacy.

If you are concerned about corporate security or interested in learning how we protect your credentials do read the Technical Details.

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Share your FreeBusy page

Each calendar that you connect will be available to your friends and business partners at https://freebusy.io/{your email address} the email address being the one associated with that particular calendar.

Share this Web address, for example:

  • Add it to your email signature
  • Include it with calendar invites that you send
  • Share it on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Print it on business cards and flyers
  • Tell your clients who need to book time on your schedule

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FreeBusy saves you time

Whenever someone checks your FreeBusy page the service will access your calendar, calculate your availability, and display it as a schedule to the requester. If you connected and linked multiple calendars the requester can look up your schedule using any of the email addresses associated with your connected calendars. The service fetches availability data from each calendar in part and produces a unified view. The requester won't be informed that the availability view comes from multiple calendars.

Help us grow the FreeBusy community! Invite your contacts! Together we can eliminate coordination headaches when scheduling meetings.

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