Scheduler for Salesforce

an add-on from FreeBusy that lets you offer automated

scheduling experience from within Salesforce

Using appointment scheduling and meeting polls

Connect with prospects and customers throughout their journey 10x faster

Expedite your Sales Cycle

Offer a personalized scheduling experience with few suggested times

The Scheduler allows you to quickly check your real-time availability from within Salesforce. It auto-adds the Contact as a meeting participant and lets you schedule a meeting at one of the preferred times right away.

If you'd rather let the prospect pick the time for the next meeting, the Scheduler even lets you pick a few times and share a personalized scheduling link with a click of a button.

Improve your NPS Score & Customer Satisfaction

Schedule support calls and process 'Cases' faster as a team

Make it very easy for your support executive to share scheduling links that checks availability as a team and let's the customer schedule a support or onboarding call.

As a team, you can even let one team member, check availability of other team members and schedule a meeting with the customer on their behalf.

Auto-updated Salesforce Records

Track scheduled activities from Salesforce records and calendar

Whenever a meeting is scheduled, the event is automatically added to the Salesforce calendar of the host of the meeting as well as the associated Office365, Outlook, Google Calendar etc.

The meeting also reflects as an activity within the associated Contact record and is related back to the Case / Opportunity record if the meeting was initiated through it.

Automate Campaign Attribution

Track Campaign successes with attribution on scheduled meetings

As a marketeer, you can use the Campaign details as UTM Campaign tracker with the FreeBusy links.

Whenever a meeting is scheduled through these links, it not only records the activity but also has the Campaign attributed with the scheduled event.

Never leave Salesforce

Managing your scheduled meeting is just a click away

The activities and events added by the Scheduler also records some additional details within the event that is created in the Salesforce Calendar

You can use the additional information to access the link to reschedule or cancel the event. This link is accessible across multiple records making it easy to manage events from anywhere that you are working within Salesforce