How will Artificial Intelligence bots change your life


A lot of chatter recently has been going around about how artificial intelligence will affect our lives for the better, understanding what are things that A.I. would take over in our lives. LinkedIn last week asked few influencers’ the question “What is the first thing in your office AI will take over?”

I’ve highlight below some of the replies they had on A.I. and how would it affect our life, starting of is: -

Reid Hoffman: Entrepreneur. Product Strategist. Investor

“The microphone on your laptop or computer would be the first thing a A.I. will take over, it will listen to your ability in meeting and talking and will record things in order to help you take notes and suggestion action items for you”

Nicholas Thompson: Editor of NewYorker

“First things that A.I. will take over is Scheduling meetings, where the language input is easy were they are contained (You say you want to schedule a meeting between Wednesday and Friday) it’s a complex sentence but it’s something companies are trying to figure out and fix.”

Christopher M. Schroeder: Internet/Media CEO; Venture Investor

“It will be every aspect of my Scheduling and every aspect of my meetings and all the notes taking in meetings and the follow up that can be executing by A.I. cutting meeting massively and making it more efficient. I hope they are as kind as the executive assistance I had for the past decade”

Tomasz Tunguz: Venture Capitalist

Email that’s the first thing A.I. will take in the office, I dictate most of the emails that I send every day because we can speak 3 times more then we can type its far more efficient”

Majority of these great influencers kept going back to the same topic of Email and Scheduling because that’s what we all do, it doesn’t matter if you’re a Developer, Sales, Account manager, Project manager at the end of the day you are 100% going to be checking your emails and you will always be on either side of a meeting whether its creating one or receiving an invite to one.

Another Valid point was about having a Personal Assistant I think that’s great and I wish we can all have one, life would be so much easier. But can we all afford £30,000 a year on a PA?

I don’t think so, but what’s good about A.I. is that its replacing the jobs that a PA can do specially tasks like Scheduling meetings and inviting people to a meeting and setting up the Location for a meeting.

Let me show you how FreeBusy is using A.I. to make your life easier on Skype and Slack two widely used platform’s:

Checking Your Own Calendar

@freebusy: Check if I’m free tomorrow @freebusy: What’s my schedule for Wednesday @freebusy: What’s my next meeting

Scheduling Events, Meetings, Phone Calls

@freebusy: Create an event for Monday @freebusy: Schedule a phone call for September 6th @freebusy: Set up a meeting for tomorrow

Checking When Contacts Are Available

@freebusy: Check if Jeremy is free on Wednesday @freebusy: See if Kristen is busy tomorrow

Imagine Siri or Google on steroids when it comes to scheduling a meeting that’s what FreeBusy using A.I. offers you. You simple call out @FreeBusy and ask it any of the commands and it would perform them. The screen below is an example of FreeBusy Scheduling an event for me on slack.


This is just the beginning of A.I. on Slack this works on Skype as well, A.I. is here and here to stay and FreeBusy wants to be your number one Artificial intelligent bot you could think of when it comes to scheduling meetings whether it’s on Slack, Skype, Outlook, Gmail we here!!