Rio Olympics 2016 Winners

The summer Olympics are finally here after four years of waiting it’s back and this time it’s in the one and only Rio de Janeiro.


Don’t miss any event

Granted you’d like to watch the Olympics live in Brazil with a cold mojito on a hot sunny beach, but we can’t all do that so the other alternative is watching it online. The Official Rio 2016 keeps you up to date with events, dates, venues and sports that are going on it literally covers everything you need to know about the summer Olympics.

Scheduling Olympics events


This Summer Olympics starts on the 5th of august till the 21st, a bit over two weeks with many events to watch. Organizing watching these events with your mates, family and loved ones isn’t going to be an easy task.

What are you going to use to schedule these events WhatsApp? SnapChat? iMessage? As much as I love using those platforms they aren’t the best to actually schedule event meetings specially when it comes to group scheduling there is always a long thread of people suggesting times and dates for an event and we all have that one friend that keeps saying yes to everything when in fact this guy knows he’s not coming to the event but keeps going with the group lool.

No but seriously back to business we’d like to schedule those events and have them on a calendar at least to have the Time ,Date and Location to where we’ll be watching the event and know the participants that are coming.

Figuring out the Time of the event in your local city

As much as we hate to admit everyone gets confused with time difference, i mean you’ve got the PST, GMT, Eastern time, western time, BBC i don’t know its all too confusing and complicated and it shouldn’t be, seriously its TIME.

To make matters simple this is a world clock already set on to Rio de Janeiro time. All you need to do is locate your city on that page and you would get the time of the event at on your local time :)

Using FreeBusy to schedule events

Scheduling to watch an event with your mates is not an easy task especially when you have different people using different email platforms. Let me show you an easy way to schedule watching an Olympics event with the use of FreeBusy.

If you haven’t yet signed up, you can link your calendar account here in less than 10 seconds.

Getting down to business, after you sign up you’d like to schedule a get to together to watch Usain Bolt run. By going to the FreeBusy homepage pressing the meet button on the top of the page that would direct you to your calendar like shown below where you can schedule meetings.


Adding participants to watch the event is done by inputting their email in the top left corner, then you get to click the available slot on the calendar the green tick means all participants are available.


The blue tickets like the image above shows that someone you invited can’t make the function at that particular time.

On the left of the screen you get to pick the location and the name of the event in my event in this example I decided to watch the event around London bridge.

This is the page you should get after you press that green button that say’s Schedule Meeting.


It’s that simple to schedule an event to watch an Olympics event.

FreeBusy gives you the ability to:

  • Accept meetings (proposals) from FreeBusy users & Non-users
  • As well as send Meeting proposals to FreeBusy users & non-users
  • No hassle, No logging and No plugins